Fielden Stud first started in 1958 but was not Fielden Stud at this time.   Bunty worked at Miss Forests in Langton Green in Kent (where Bunty and Tom met as both fathers were vicars at adjoining parishes).  Bunty and Tom bought a pony called Ranee.  Ranee was put in foal to Reeves Golden Lustre in 1958 and produced a filly which Bunty called Queens Diamond.  In 1961 Queens Diamond was put in foal to Coed Coch Berwynfa Section B Welsh Pony and produced the first grey filly WPBR Fielden Pearl in 1962 who was born at Pine Tree Farm Fielden Road Crowborough.  The start of a large family Tree.

Fielden Stud moved into Pine Tree Farm in Crowborough 1962.  Pine Tree farm was an old pig farm and was in an awful state with only a few chicken runs and pig sty’s and loads of mud!!! But 24 acres of land sealed the deal.   The track to the farmhouse was narrow and bumpy and Tommy over the years with the help of Bunty laid a new road of house bricks, which some can still be seen today.   Tommy converted the outside pig sty’s into stables in his spare time (from his main teaching career)  they had their first foaling boxes,  today 10 large 12 x 12 stables stand where the pigs sty’s once stood.  The original 5 bay pig sty’s in the original main pig houses now house the section a ponies in the top and bottom yard.

Fielden Pearl over the years produced 15 foals in her lifetime all named after precious stones here are a few we can remember off the top of our head  Fielden Filligri. Fielden Tormaline,               Fielden Zircon, Fielden Cross Key,  Fielden Ciro,  Fielden Onyx,  Fielden Silver Jubilee,  Fielden Chrystophite,   Fielden Mica

In 1962 Bunty bought another mare Shalbourne Fern a welsh Mountain pony and she put her in foal to Bwlch Star Quality who produced the 1st colt for the Fielden Stud and he was named Fielden Frond.   He was a section B stallion and had the most amazing temperament anyone could wish for. He produced some super childrens ponys.  Fielden Fircone was one.   He was a grey colt out of Fielden Zircon (Fielden Pearl/Rosslyn Woodsprite  Fielden Frolic, Fielden Saturn, Fielden Humpty Dumpty were a few others.

In 1972 Bunty purchased a 2yr old TB chestnut colt Peterlitten,  who was bred to run in the derby but did not grow and was only 14.3hh.  He was by the Thoroughbred stallion Exbury out of a thoroughbred mare Danone.  The Dam goes back in the bloodlines to the great TB race horse Hyperion.  The day he arrived we were quite surprised as in the autumn we always turned Fielden Frond away.   We had a field in the middle of the Crowborough Army Camp away from anyone and he used to chill out after the covering season. But on this day the horse box arrived with the new stallion on board and within the hour we don’t know how but Frond appeared in the yard not a happy boy!!

That evening the yard was a stir Frond was not a happy boy and the new stallion we were told on collection had picked his stud groom up and put him in hospital that very morning.  Bunty thought (“what the hell have I bought”)

Peter settled after a couple of weeks and once he had got into a routine he became very sweet and happy boy and we found he liked to have his tongue stroked.   Frond settled and everything went back to normal.  Peter was broken as a 4yr old and hacked out and hunted with the Eridge Hunt. Bunty used to escort with him some people didn’t realise he was a stallion as his manners were impeccable.

He produced some super Part bred welsh ponies and children ponies, Fielden Fieldmouse,  Fielden Jubilation,   Fielden Silver Jubilee, Fielden Maikite,  Fielden Carnelian (who was our resident stallion until December 2013 sadly L).    Fielden Snippet (who Francis Whittington started his eventing career on)  Fielden Imp who still hunts with the  West Kent and Old Surrey Hunt. Fielden Tormaline Just to name a few, and grandfather to others  Fielden Cottontail, Fielden Spiderman,  Fielden Perrydot, Fielden Replica Fielden Peter Rabbit, Fielden Minks Legacy on to watch and our new licenced Colt .   Both stock from Peter and his son Carnelian produced super Eventing, Polo and Showjumping ponies

Hank Minderman from the Renkum stud resided with us for a while and had Foxhunter Tip (section A by Clan Pip) He was stabled in the yard for a few years and Bunty used Tip (as we called him) on a few mares, Fielden Quail, Fielden Cinnabar, Fielden Megan, producing again super lead rein ponies which once broken went straight to pony club homes.   Whilst Hank was with us he took a liking to one of Pearls foals Fielden Cross Keys (By Peterlitten) and he was shipped to Holland but sadly broke a leg whilst out there.

Bunty has had over the years had quite a few foreign students staying with us at Fielden Stud from    France, Holland, Switzerland,  Germany and America  and they have all learnt to ride on Fielden ponies.  We had some exciting rides over Ashdown Forest sometimes the ponies returning with out there jockeys.   They all write regularly including one of the dressage judges at Olympia this year.   Eddie de Wolf Van Westerrode from Holland who still keeps in touch with us.  Bunty has also been involved with the Tunbridge Wells Twinning competition with Shelia Winter to which Fielden Ponies have been used (one year they did games well all the ponies loved it,  the visitors we are not too sure J)  Last year was held in the UK where the competition was held at Crockstead  Equestrian Centre.

In the 70s and 80s 90s Bunty had a great connection with the local pony club (Eridge) running the eventing teams,  helping at the local pony club jumble sales and helping Mrs Corbetts ( the DC at Eridge Pony Club)  with all the functions.   Buntys catering was well known at both Eridge events and Tunbridge Riding Club events and she was always asked to do the local catering as well.   Bunty also taught in the Park at Eridge on the four day rallies and organised the musical ride displays with over 20 mounted children some on Fielden Ponies.     Bunty also had connections with the Tunbridge Wells Riding Club, organising and entering the teams of four and Quadrilles at the county shows qualifying for white city as it was then.   Bunty also regularly jump judges at South of England, Firle , Blue Anchor and Brightling.   Bunty and her father the Revered Couchman were responsible for starting the Tunbridge Wells Show which in years turned into the South of England Show to which is where she met Mrs Noel De Quinncey. They had asked her to judge at the shows and they became great friends and are still to this day.

In 1982  I came to work for Bunty  and stayed for many years obtaining my exams and enjoyed the work within the stud ( I am now a AI Technician for Defra which is quite exciting ) and I am quite into all the breeding lines and wanting to take this legacy on.   Fielden Stud at Pine Tree Farm is where I meet my husband Robin Carmichael in 1985 and we were married in 1988 and Fielden Jubilation was chief bridesmaid at All Saints Church in Crowborough.  We then moved away with Robins job but I took Fielden ponies with me Fielden Jubilation, Fielden Fieldmouse who was a weanling foal and later Fielden Field-Day a 8yr old by Fielden Chrystiphite joined me and then Fielden Blarney by Fielden Carnelian to break.   The two  Ponieswho joined me went on to new homes to be successful ponies.

Over the years the Fielden ponies have performed at many major events not just showing.  A lot have gone eventing represented the riding club in all disciplines. Our two 11hh Welsh roan ponies were competitors  in the ridden pairs at  White city in the 70s this was Fielden Quail and Fielden Cinnabar  they were ridden by the Boor Twins and they were placed 2nd in a really strong class the comments from the judges were so pleasing one judge noted that the girls rode so together that they could not have got a sheet of paper between them.

In 2004  I came back again from Swindon and moved my  two Fielden ponies back into the Fielden Stud and took over the running of the stud for Bunty in May 2005  and today we are still breeding Riding ponies WPB Ponies and achieving very high awards in all sections .

We have many connections and help from many other studs.

The Marsh Stud who are now in Wales but when Shan Loudon was situated in Hidenborough we were visitors quite regularly and are really good friends and still have two of her ponies (Section A s )one we purchased as a foal  Marsh Midas ( Toast who Hannah is really enjoying doing lots of activities with) and the full sister Marsh Soraya (solo)  which Hannah grew up on when her original pony (Section A ) Arad Originality  (Puck) went home after we sold him but then bought him back he is now with us for life

The Erimus Stud  Mrs N and Miss V De Quincey have been good friend to us at Fielden for many years

The Late Alison Mountain helped us out with advice and we were very grateful for her wise words god bless her.

The Rowfantina stud has been also a great help giving us advise and help with our ponies

The Highland Stud Mrs K James has also been a book of knowledge for us and helped us with our section A Breeding allowing us to obtain Lippens Brown Owl who we sadly lost at the beginning of 2013 due to a wasting muscle disease of the hind legs which baffled us but we have 2 lovely colts Henry and Harry and some older chunky monkeys.

This is just to name a few but there are others and you know who you are and we would like to say a big Thank You.

Bunty was elected President for 2014 and is really excited and is looking forward to meeting everyone Fielden Stud had been a member of the WPCA since 1963.


Fielden Stud News

Last year our yearling Colt Fielden Minks Legacy  By Ninfield Minks Legend who is now in Australia out of Fielden Fieldmouse achieved 5 county show championships in hand His full brother Fielden Samuel Whiskers has been sold to Mrs V Nunn and William Nunn and we hope they have lots of Fun

Fielden Cottontail took 3 championships just at one show in 2013 . Fielden Cottontail is in foal to Ninfield Eureka and is due in April 2014 which is quite exciting  we are looking forward to 2014 show season.

Ninfield Smarty Pants our ridden WPBR 13.2hh pony qualified for HOYS in 2013  at Kent County as a 5yr old he won quite a few championships as well and was 4th in the Cheri in September He is now for Sale and its a sad sale as we feel Hannah needs to grow a bit more and is still riding her 11.1 section A .

Marsh Midas and Hannah did well in their first year off the lead rein and we are really looking forward to 2014

We had 7 Foals last year 3 by Ninfield Eureka 2 colts and a filly  1 coloured colt ,  2 colts by Lippens Brown Owl and  1 filly  by Ninfield Connoisseur who went champion at Southern Counties Welsh Pony and Cob and Champion at the British National Foal Show in Birmingham.  A Blue Roan wild Shetland Mare off the New Forest who had a coloured filly this was in for a friend.

Tommy bless him broke his leg walking his dogs so has been  out of action since 23rd November 2013

Bunty has been walking his dogs so watch out as she walks them on her scooter !!

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